West Michigan Road Trip

July 12, 2021

Harbor Country Sunset

The sun sets over Lake Michigan in Union Pier, Michigan

There is no place like West Michigan in the summertime!  We have sunsets, fresh fruit, local wine, beaches, trails and so much more.

Recently, I've hosted a few guests who were stopping over on a much longer road trip "up north". Like they say, it's the journey, not the destination, and what better journey than a road trip up the coast of West Michigan!

The "sunset coast" of Michigan is on the western end of the Eastern Time Zone, so the sun sets later here, making your days longer. And there are so many wonderful things to do from biking to hiking to U-Pick fruit farms and fruit festivals, wineries and breweries, you'll need all the sunlight you can get to make the most of your trip!

So if you're considering an epic roadtrip, look no further than Michigan and consider Garden Grove Inn and Harbor Country a perfect first (or last) stop. We'd love to host you! Plan your trip and find out more about West Michigan at www.wmta.org! Hope to see you soon on your journey.

West Michigan Road Trip
Google Map of a road trip north through Union Pier, many other great Michigan cities to Traverse City and Mackinac Island